Indianapolis Attractions Consist Of Much More Than Just Racing!

Considering Indianapolis attractions that do not include racing?

Indianapolis is an exciting place to visit even when it does not involve any type of racing!

Indianapolis is located right in the middle of the state so there is not excuse not to enjoy this great city.

Your family’s trip is guaranteed to meet everyone’s needs with the unlimited amount of Indianapolis tourist attractions.

I was shocked to learn what the activity that took place in this racing town!

Check out some of these exciting Indianapolis attractions:

  • Enjoy the unbelievable Indy Wine Trail.
  • Explore Fort Harrison or White River State Park to add some adventure to your trip.
  • Take a morning or afternoon to enjoy one of the unbelievable golf courses in the area.
  • Take the family to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.
  • To enjoy the Fall weather take the family to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch.
  • Enjoy all of the great family activities at the Post Road Recreation Center. You can enjoy recreation center no matter the weather because it offers year-round fun.
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  • Take time to enjoy one of the sports teams in the area such as the Indianapolis Colts or the Indiana Pacers.
  • Explore different artist work and culture at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
  • Have a day of family fun at one of these two water parks Indy Island and Caribbean Cove.
  • Crop-A-Doodle-Do is a prefect way to enjoy an all girls weekend at a beautiful country bed and breakfast along with taking the time to enjoy scrap-booking with your friends.
  • Enjoy the Indianapolis Zoo located in beautiful White River State Park. White River Gardens is a breath taking extension of the park.
  • Find adventure at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum or O’Reilly Raceway Park to calm your racing addiction.

With all of the activities listed above who could not plan the perfect trip around these activities!

Indianapolis is not only a perfect place to plan a guy’s weekend but there are no shortage of family vacations and girlfriend getaway ideas.

Take the time to plan to a trip to meet everyone’s needs including your own with these outstanding attractions.

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